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We create a clean, healthy environment

Alberta Restoration Specialists provide dependable and reliable services for environmental issues of all types and sizes. We are committed to providing the best possible service with minimal inconvenience to our clients.

Our qualified and licensed professionals are trained to help you understand your options and choose the best solution for your needs. We work hard to correct environmental hazards by carefully assessing the scope of the issue, properly solving the problem and preventing it from coming back.

Alberta Restoration Specialists' approach

Alberta Restoration Specialists starts with a thorough assessment of the environmental state, then targets and eliminates the issue. Our cutting-edge testing method identifies the specific environmental problem and in many scenarios dismiss the need to take any action. Improper testing and removal can lead to more issues than they fix, so it is vital to choose specialists.

With years of experience,Alberta Restoration Specialists removes mold hazards safely and effectively.

What We Do


Alberta Restoration Specialists provides complete mold removal and remediation for residential and commercial prospects in Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding areas.


Mold is unsafe, and can show up in a all types of places. After mold first appears it spreads quickly in order to sustain. Mold can spread on dry-wall, carpets, wood, and old fabrics. As long as the air is moist, damp, or even humid, mold will continue to grow.


Typical Symptoms from mold exposure include: allergies, asthma, coughing, hay fever, congestion, and difficulty breathing. A variety of different molds can produce allergens, others can produce irritants. People with sensitivities that are exposed to mold have the possibility of becoming seriously ill and might depend upon considerable medical attention.
Mold Removal must be done correctly and thoroughly or the health risks will remain and in many cases grow.

It takes less than 24 hours to establish a new mold colony, so immediate action is crucial.


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